Set Up a Gmail Signature (without a Hyperlink) Step by Step

Here’s a step by step method to create a professional signature in Gmail without a hyperlink.

  • Login to your Gmail account and open Google Docs
  • Create a table and input your name, email, details and photo
  • Highlight any blue hyperlinks and use formatting to remove them
  • Edit text and table settings to match brand
  • Open Gmail Settings and copy and paste table into signature box
  • Save changes

I recently decided to upgrade my Gmail email signature but wanted to avoid the cheesy underline you always get with a hyperlink. After much searching I’ve found a solution using Google Docs.

To make your emails look professional and functional, you need to be able to style your Gmail signature to look like your business card. If you had one.

Step by Step Gmail Signature with no Hyperlink

1. Login to your Gmail account

In the far upper right corner, you’ll see a gear icon, 9 dots in a circle and your photo on the far right like this.

gmail signature without hyperlink

Click on the dots and a drop down window will open up
Scroll down until you see the small blue image for Docs
Click on Docs and you should see a page like this:

Go to File – scroll down to Rename, and it will look like this:

Where the text is highlighted blue, type your own file name like “My new email signature”

In the menu, click on Insert > Table > then hover over 1x or 2x depending on how you want to set up your signature. I recommend 2 blocks if you want to add a photo or a logo.

Click inside your table then go to Insert> Image > upload from computer or wherever your photo is stored

Find the image you want and click Choose. This is what mine looks like. I suggest you use the left block of the table to insert your image or logo. The block will stretch to fit your image but it needs to be much smaller.

If your photo is too large when you insert it, click on the photo to select it, then hold down Shift + Option at the same time and drag from the bottom right corner to re-size it. Holding both keys at the same time holds the image to re-size in exactly the same proportions.

Now the photo is re-sized, click the center line in your table and drag it over to the left to look like this:

Click inside the right side of the table to set an insertion point for your text.

Type your text in as you want it.

Use the formatting tools in the menu bar above to change the font, size and color.

When you’ve finished formatting your text the way you want it, highlight the text you want to link to.

Here I’m adding an email address to link to the text Business Email.

Drag over the text to highlight it then click on the link icon on the menu bar.

A drop down menu will appear and Google will start looking for what it thinks is the right link.

Go ahead and type in your full email address then click Apply

Do the same for any other links you want to add, such as a link to your website, Linkedin profile or Facebook page.

Now your links will be the typical blue link color with an underline.

But we want to make them look pretty special, not just another link, right?

To do that we need to go back and format our text again.

Highlight the link text you want to format.

Go up to the underline icon and click on it. The underline under your link should disappear.

Right next to the underline icon is the text color icon. I clicked on a red color, so BUSINESS EMAIL is in red and no longer has the hyperlink showing.

Now I did the same with my bottom link for WEBSITE ADDRESS. I highlighted the text, clicked on Underline in the menu bar, then clicked on font color and changed it to black so it looks like this.

Now that everything looks the way I want it I’m ready to get rid of the border around my table because that’s not going to look good in my emails.

Right click inside the table until a dialog box comes up. Scroll down to Table Properties and click.

When the dialog box comes up, where it says Table border, change it to 0 pts and click OK.

Now our email signature table looks like we want it to, like this!

This is the tricky part. Because you’re creating this in Google Docs there is no save button. It’s in the cloud. But you will be able to bookmark this and come back to it.

For now, we need to select our table by swiping over with our mouse until its all highlighted in blue like this.

Hit Command+C to copy it.

Now your Gmail Settings window should be open – if not go to the upper right corner click on the gear icon and then click See All Settings. Scroll down the page until you see the Signature box like this:

Choose which Gmail address you want to use for this signature or Create New. Name it if it’s a new one,  then click your mouse inside that box.

Use Command+V to paste the email signature file you’ve just created inside the box. It should look like this:

IMPORTANT! Scroll down the page and click Save Changes.

To test your new signature, go to your Gmail account and compose a new email. If you have multiple Gmail addresses like I do, pick the one you’re using for your new signature. Your signature should automatically be in the email.

If for some reason it doesn’t show up, you can always click the Signature icon at the bottom of your email window like this:

Choose which signature you want and it should pop in like this:

That’s it!

If you ever want to change your signature, go back to the Google Docs file you saved and make your changes there. Then follow the steps to copy and paste your revised email signature into the Signature spot in Gmail settings.

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